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Nirbhaya ACT 2013 - 2014 |1st Punishment From AP

Nirbhaya is an Girls Saving act. This act has released recently by our indian government for the death behalf of Recently Delhi Rape sean Died Girl Nirbhaya. Even though Nirbhaya act has fully approved on last 72 hours ago  still now not punished any one until now. Finally Nirbhaya Act 1st punishment has recorded in Andhra Pradesh AP. This incident gave a Great record to ap state.

Full details of this on today at Andhra Pradesh state, Sanga Reddy SC ST Special Court has used this great Nirbhaya Act for to punish Pittu Yadhav for his crime. Pittu Yadav is an Bihar Native guy he tried to rape an SC girl at last 6 months back in Mahaboobnagar District. AT that time girl parents complained in police station againest him. At that time polices are recorded the statement and finally arrested him.

After a long time now on today the judgement has come today at Sangareddy court. For that he judge has punished him for 22 years according to Nirbhaya Act. So in India This is the first case who have punished with Under nirbhaya Act. By this the girl parents feeling very happy about the judgement.

ON past 3 days back at lokh sabha the nirbhaya act bill has passed. After a few time first punishment has made in AP. This is very happy news to All India Girls. We hope In up coming days more people who have tried to rape, murder, sexual harassment, eve teasing and much more will be punished in the same way. Thanks to Government for making like this strict laws.

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